Love blossoms and danger lurks. Can the prince disrupt the Courtesan Slave Trade?


“The characters are well developed and engaging.”


 “Fast paced story has a great cast of characters, lots of angst, witty dialog, life-and-death moments, and mystery and suspense.”



Love blossoms and danger lurks…

The king forces his sons to choose a new courtesan for the royal harem every month. Any courtesan cast out or denied the pleasure of the prince’s company are sent to the Courtesan Slave Trade.

Prince Aaron wants nothing to do with his father’s dark dealings and sinister ways. Sneaking his beloved women away each month is a tedious task and poses great risk.

With no choice but to choose a woman to leave the royal harem, Aaron needs time to think. He evades the guards and his father’s clutches on an adventure outside of the palace.

Love blossoms and danger lurks as Prince Aaron is forced to return home. Can he disrupt the Courtesan Slave Trade, or will the courtesans find themselves in a fate worse than hell?

This book can be read as a stand-alone novel, but will be enjoyed even more by those that have read His Property.

The Series

“Heat, action and intrigue that kept you on the edge of your seat. I love drama and romance together and this story delivered it all.”

- Her Billionaire Daddy